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Question asked by Tangle on Feb 3, 2011
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I need a few things clarified regarding these parts.


First, the EVAL-ADuC7060QSPZ kit is a Quickstart Plus kit, and as I understand the only additional feature in the 'Plus' is the mIDAS-Link JTAG Emulator.  Is it possible to have this removed from the kit, thus reducing the cost.  I ask because Segger says that this device is not supported under OS X so it would just be a waste of money for me to pay the extra ~$170.


Second, does anyone know better regarding the mIDAS-Link JTAG Emulator under OS X?  Perhaps the information I have is incorrect and it can be used under OS X.


Third, it is unclear with the minikits, EVAL-ADUC7061MK in this case, if all of the GPIO and ADC pins of the micro are accessible via the DIP board.  Are they?


Fourth, the EVAL-ADUC7061MK appears to be a USB board.  Are the pins required for serial programming accessible?



Thanks for any help,