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Interrupt flag BKSV ready does not show up from ADV7511

Question asked by Leonz on Feb 3, 2011
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I met an issue with BKSV interrupt flag in from ADV7511, the out connected BKSV ready interrupt flag set in 0x97[6], however, the HPD Hi/Low interrupts and EDID ready interrupt flags can be seen after connecting the board to TV with HDMI cable.


Following is what I did in my code:

1)Once get interrupt from 7511, check registers 0x96 and 0x97,  see HPD interrupt, then process (power down 7511,and power up, then initialize 7511, clear HPD interrupt) , after that, EDID ready interrupt showed up,the code read and parse EDID block (256bytes),then clear EDID interrupt by writing 1 to related bit.


2)Set the HDCP enabled (0xAF[7] =1) and HDCP Frame encryption enabled (0xAF[4] = 1 ), then


3)wait for BKSV ready interrupt, but no luck.


I did tests on ADV7612-7511 EVA board, saw the BKSV data showed up if both source device and sink device with HDCP enabled were connected. If I connected the board to sink device only, no source device connected, I could not see BKSV data ready flag.


My question is: when will ADV7511 read the KSV data from sink device and when will it set the BKSV ready flag in register 0x97[6]?


Thanks a lot!


Leon Zhang