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BF537 UARTS become mutually exclusive

Question asked by kishoreinme on Feb 3, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2011 by PrasanthR



I am using ssl/dd to acces uart0 and uart1 on BF537.


uart0 is configured as console output by STDIO service. (STDIO service sample code from  BF527 KIT LITE examples in /services directory )


adi_stdio_openDevice() is used for UART0


Tried combining this with the /Drivers/UART/UARTExample of BF537 sample) to initialize the other UART1 on the kit with DCB mode enabled


adi_dev_open is used for UART1


But if one is initialized other doesnt.


if Device open fails for uart0 error code is  0x0012000B on debugging i find the adi_int_CECHook ()fails with a ADI_INT_RESULT_NO_MEMORY  error


if uart1 fails to open error code is 0x40000011


is there anything to be added to get both work simultaneously?

please help