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How can you make an OGG Vorbis Player for Blackfin BF537 ?

Question asked by MykeAndrew on Feb 2, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2011 by SmartIC

Hi , i need to make a school project , a OGG Vorbis Player for Blackfin BF 537 !


I don't know very well DSP programing , but i know C++ !


So i have this Vorbis player( in attachments) but it plays just a portion of the file , it reads a number of bytes (NUM_BYTES_TO_DECODE) then it plays them , i need it to play all the file , i thought that i need two buffers , maybe the SDRam memory (bank_A and bank_B something like that ? ) , and a DMA transfer to transfer in one buffer while i am reading (playing) from the other one !


Can you help me with that ?


It is my ideea not so good ? Any suggestion for other implentation ?


If you want to test it with a file you need to encode it to 48 Khz with ogg drop (debug folder)!






Thanks very much , Mihai Georgescu !