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Strange problem starting a BF537 in SPI Slave Boot Mode

Question asked by kawk on Feb 2, 2011
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I'm trying to bring up a second BF537 on a custom board. It should be booted as a SPI slave from the first BF537 on the same board.


However, the second DSP doesn't react on the Pin designated as HWAIT (PH.10) as expected. After I send the first 10 bytes via SPI, HWAIT doesn't change.


That could be for many reasons, however, if I connect to the DSP2 now (after the 10 bytes have been sent) via JTAG (gnICE+) and issue "bfin emulation enter" in my UrJTAG open source JTAG master, HWAIT toggles. Looking at the registers at this point, the 10 bytes really have been received and HWAIT was configured correctly.


What may hinder my DSP2 from starting up properly? It is given a clean reset from DSP1 immediately before the data is sent. At that time, all signals that I consider critical (clocks, NMI#, TRST#, SPI) are at a known state, as far as I know of ...


Any ideas, anyone?

Thanks in advance!