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ADV7441A - status registers

Question asked by msauer on Feb 3, 2011
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we use the ADV7441A as analog frontend to view analog RGB signals on a lcd. If I don't connect a signal the ADV7441A produces a random VSYNC signal and no HSYNC signal on his outputs. Our software detect a signal lost and mode change through measurement of the sync signals. This don't work if the ADV7441A will alwas produce a VSYNC, so I deactivate the free run mode.

I try to use the status register to detect a sync lost, but SSPD_VALID bit is always set and STDI_VALID is alwys cleared independet if I connect a signal or not.

In software manual ADV7441A Rev D, June 10, are the bits VS_ACT and HS_ACT in Reg 0xb5, User Map, inverted. If I connect a signal the bit is set and if I disconnect the signal the bit is cleared.


This is my initialitation:


User Map; 0x03; 0x10
User Map; 0x05; 0x02
User Map; 0x06; 0x07
User Map; 0x1d; 0x40
User Map; 0x3c; 0xa8
User Map; 0x37; 0x01
User Map; 0x47; 0x0a
User Map; 0x68; 0xf2
User Map; 0x7b; 0x1d
User Map; 0xf4; 0x15
User Map; 0x87; 0xa8
User Map; 0x88; 0x00
User Map; 0x8f; 0x00
User Map; 0x90; 0x00
User Map; 0xab; 0x00
User Map; 0xac; 0x00
User Map; 0x91; 0x10
User Map; 0xc4; 0x40


Do you have a solution how I can detect a signal lost?


Thank you for your help


best regards


martin sauer