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ADuC 847 problem when downloading program

Question asked by Aduc@Beginner on Feb 2, 2011
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I am trying to download programe to ADuC847 with the use of WSD v7.05. However, the program can only detect ADuC847 but fail to download.

During download there is a baud rate change which causes error. The error is "Download failed with error code 6" and the status is "Lost contact after changing the baudrate." I downloaded the program without this problem previously, the error appears suddenly. The problem is exactly the same as the post " Problems with WSD 7.05 changing baud rate during download." on  11/9/2010 and I have tried the method mentioned but still cannot figure out what is wrong. I would like to ask how can I solve such a problem when why the baudrate suddenly change to a faster one.