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ADV7180, CN0060, Pixel fault

Question asked by Konta on Feb 1, 2011
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We have for a while tried to resolve our issue related to the use of ADV7180. We are receiving video from an S-Video source, using 8-bit resolution. The image is passed to a MPU, and shown on a display Panel, using LVDS.

When generating a test image from the ADV7180, the picture can be observed on the panel without any disturbance. When switching from one color to a new, some pixels are flickering just at the very truncation. When a single color (Blue, Red or Green) is generated and displayed, the color appears “rock solid”.

When a picture from an external source is shown, we can see light red pixels “dancing at typically the truncation between light to dark area. An example is attached beneath.

We have measured the analog input signal using an oscilloscope, getting promising signals. The Analog Device CN-0060 Common Mode input filter seems to be working as intended.

We have used the default values in the decoder.


Any hints or relevant help would be appreciated.




Sincerely Yours