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Max length of the KSV list in AD9388A

Question asked by DavidF on Feb 1, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2011 by mattp

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the datasheet of the AD9388A states that the max number of the KSV list (for the repeater function) is 11 (see Table 26 or chapter 4.14), however the register maps at the end of software manual shows that there is room for 24 keys in the repeater map. I've tried the chip with 24 keys and it worked properly with my blu-ray player. (I've also checked the HDCP communication by i2c analyzer, the 24 ksvs and V' hash were read successfully, however of course I can't verify the V' value).


Is there any intention with these 11 keys in hw manual or is it just a typo? Is there any known bugs about more than 11 keys or am I supposed to release the 24 key version? In our applications we have many outputs, so it is important to handle as much keys as possible.


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