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ADV7842 temperature question

Question asked by pjxan Employee on May 12, 2015
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Hi !


I got a question from one of my industrial customers.....



Previous have we used ADV7181 i our camera adapters and displays but after it became obsolete we have designed a new camera adapter with the ADV7842. Our requirement on our products is that they shall start i -40 degrees and we have seen  that the ADV7842 has problems to start in cold temperatures, sometimes even at -10 degrees. Do you have any suggestion how we shall proceed.


Why do you not have the new ADV components in Industrial temp?

Can you screen components that work better in cold temperatures?

Do you have any design guidelines to make it work better in cold temperatures?


I'm working to get the specification from them....any other similar part that fulfills -40 degrees ?


BR Patrik