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Compliance Testing ARC for ARC Receiving Side

Question asked by BrianP on Jan 31, 2011
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I am a bit confused on the compliance testing for ARC for receieving an ARC signal (Tx chip, receiving ARC from a TV). For this discussion I am referring to both the ADV7623 and ADV7511 parts.


The HEAC Compliance Test Spec (supplement 2 in the HDMI CTS 1.4a) calls out tests 5-17 through 5-20 for Source devices that only support ARC reception. In reviewing these tests, a number of them call out for common mode testing (5-17, 5-19) even though I thought that only single mode is used between devices that don't support the HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC).



1) Are all 4 of these tests required for ARC only testing?

2) When receiving a common mode ARC signal, won't the Tx see the HPD input changing states due to the audio being on that signal?

3) When HEC is not support by both the source and sink, don't the devices use Single mode for ARC?