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UDP broadcast buffersize issue

Question asked by pavan on Jan 31, 2011

Hi Prasanth,


We are working on ADSP-BF518 with our custome hardware by having DSP environment as VDSP5.0 update8.0. We are facing a problem while working with UDP.


  1. I have connected two nodes of my hardware with ethernet switch and tryig to transfer data from master to client using LAN broadcast address.What i have observed is whenever i am transferring packets with size less than 1470 bytes, all packets(200 packets i am sending) are transferring but when i  increased the packet size above 1470 first few(3 or 4, not same number all times) packets are missing. So, i am using ack from client(like health chek) at the first time and after getting ack from client i am sending my 200 packets, even though first few packets are missing.               Now i am acknowledging from client side for every packet, in this case there is no packet loss even the packet size is 5000bytes. Is it related to   timing issue or any settings i need to change like buffer sizes in TCP/IP config window? But, why packets are not missing if the size is below 1470bytes?
  2. Without setting the SOL_BROADCAST option also client node is receiving and server node is sending broadcast packets. I am using same port number for all clients but different ip addr, so that individual msgs can also be sent by filtering at ip addr. what is the use of that broadcast socket option?


       Kindly support us as early as possible,