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ADAU1761 Safeload or Block Write

Question asked by JParker on Jan 28, 2011
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We are developing a product using the ADAU1761 as the main audio DSP, and we have a microcontroller with on-board flash which will boot the ADAU1761 and write to its parameter ram as necessary to control gain blocks, muxes, etc. in real time. I have been using the Capture Window in SigmaStudio to determine the addresses and values that should be written from the MCU over I2C, but I am wondering whether they should be Safeload written or Block written. I have been looking in the Capture Window to see how it is written (with the DSP is running and processing audio), but is this the correct way to determine this? For instance, if I want to change the value of a Linear Gain block, the capture window shows it as a Block write, but shouldn't it be a Safeload write? Here's an excerpt from the datasheet which suggests the same thing:


Address 0x0007 designates the number of words to be written into the parameter RAM during the safeload. A biquad filter uses all five safeload data addresses. A simple mono gain cell uses only one safeload data address. Writing to Address 0x0007 also triggers the safeload write to occur in the next audio frame.

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