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Licensing question VisualDSP w/EZ Kit Lite, etc.

Question asked by JKoltner on Jan 26, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2011 by JKoltner

I just wanted to clarify how licensing works with VisualDSP with some of the evaluation boards.  My understanding is...


-- VisualDSP is fully functional during an initial 90-day trial (you could connect it to any board you wanted to)

-- After 90-days, it becomes "locked" to the EZ-Kit Lite board you purchased, and additionally will only compile code that's 1/4 of the device's program memory or smaller.


Is that correct?


(I'm thinking of the BF537 EZ Kit Lite here, in case it matters.)


For the newer EZ-Boards, the restrictions are similar but VisualDSP ends up being locked to the "standalong debug agent" your purchase, I take it?