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sdram Settings

Question asked by sunilshet86 on Jan 25, 2011



We are using BF525 processor with 133MHZ SCLK with 4M16 SDRAM memory with Part No MT48LC4M16A2T4-75.We have the following EBIU settings.


EBIU_SDRRC = 0x0814;

EBIU_SDBCTL = 0x0001;
EBIU_SDGCTL = 0x809199cd;


I m attaching here the .Ldf file.We have declared the arrays(of type short int) in 2 banks that is bank-1 and bank-2 .When we try to write data in bank-1 the data is written in bank-1 but not exactly the same data but some different number is written .For example if try to write 0x0a5 in bank-1 it is writting 20 in the memory.At the same time some different data is written in bank-2 even though we are not writting anything in bank-2.


So please let us know what may be the reason for this.Please help in solving this problem


Looking forward to hear from you.


Thanking You