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On ADuC832 DMA

Question asked by adi_aaron Employee on Jan 24, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2011 by adi_aaron

Hi Guys,

  Hope you are well.

  I have some problems on ADuC832 DMA. Would you like to help me?


  On DMA from the datasheet, there is some mentions as the following:

          "To enable DMA mode, Bit 6 in ADCCON2 (DMA) must be set. This allows the ADC results to be written directly to a 16MB external static memory SRAM(mapped into data memory space) without any interaction from the ADuC832 core. This mode allows the ADuC832 to capture a contiguous sample
stream at full ADC update rates (247 kSPS)."

As I understand, we can only use the external SRAM for DMA operation. But in the page 42, there’s the following saying:

           "Note that during DMA to the internally contained XRAM, Port 0 and Port 2 are available for use"


This makes me a little confused that whether or not DMA transmission can be used for internal XRAM? Or is that DMA controller just can be used between ADC channel and external memory?


If you can offer some example codes for it, I will very appreciate it.


Thanks a lot!!!