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ADC 7689 Interfacing through SPORT0

Question asked by Shafi on Jan 25, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2011 by Laz

Hi ,


I modified the code which i got from this forum for Interfacing AD7682 to BF592-A, as per my requirements(AD7689 interfaced to BF526). I have attached the code that i modified. On debugging,  I found that ADC is not getting configured when i run the program. I checked the reference voltage pin on the ADC which had to be 4.096 as per my Configuration Word, but its zero. How do i probe my board to know the SCLK frequency? When i try to display it using VisualDSP++, it shows that its 48MHz as i had set in the code.


Why are we doing this?


//SPORT Pin Mux config
*pPORTF_MUX = 0;
*pPORTF_FER = 0x00FF;



I am new to this, the questions i ask might be silly, but i feel that i will get some help from here.


Thanks and Regards