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ADF4112 Operational Differences in Programming

Question asked by ChrisH Employee on Jan 24, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2011 by rbrennan


I have several questions In the Rev C datasheet, page 20 (and 17).

- In the section - DEVICE PROGRAMMING AFTER INITIAL POWER-UP - is 3 methods.

     - Initialization Latch Method

     - CE Pin Method

and - Counter Reset Method

I'd like added clarification on what are the addvantages and disadvantages to each.


Also, in Counter Reset Method - must I do a counter latch load any time I wish to change AB values? It seems to work without. If I don't do it, is there an impact? Perhaps with resynch later?


Lastly I'd like clarification of Page 17, Table 10, Power down. There are 2 settings for Asynchronous PD, a Normal Mode and a Sychronous Mode.

- WHat is the advantage of Synch vs Asynch?

- What is the difference in the 2 asychronous modes, and why would I use one verse the other?

- There seems tobe an error between that table and the 3rd paragraph in the "Initialization Latch" section where it states

" If the latch is programmed for synchronous power-down (CE pin high; PD1 bit high; PD2 bit low),"

THis setting in the table in page 17 shows Asynchronous mode. WHich is in error?

Thanks, I look forward to your answer.