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Problem in using API

Question asked by deepak on Jan 24, 2011
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     I am using the H.264 BP Encoder and H.264 BP Decoder APIs ( BF 561). As per the documentation of Encoder, All the encoder controlls (Encoding parameters) are given via PC through a command prompt file example.cmd and encoder starts encoding by running hostapp.exe , similerly the compressed file is stored in the pc itself via USB.

     Now my application is such that, I want to cut both of these controlls from PC. i.e. As soon as I do the multiprocessor run, it should start encoding and compressed CBR bit stream should be routed through SPORT in real time rather than through USB.

     I just wanted to know wheather this type of application is possible using this API. If yes, then how.


     It will be quite helpful if somebody can reply.

Thanks & Regards

Deepak Awasthi