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Uart3 Tx frequency measurement

Question asked by jacob on Jan 24, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2011 by jacob


A am using the BF548 Ez kit Eval Board.

Have defined these pll divisors:

(25MHz  x (MSEL=24))  VCO=600MHz        

(600MHz x (SSEL=5))   SCLK=120MHz      


my Uart divisor is: 0x0096   ( = 150)  for EDBO = 1. => UART freq should be 800KHz.


120MHz/150 = 800KHz



But, when i am measuring the UART3 TX pin, i see 400 MHz.


didn't see anywere that the UART3 gets half of the SCLK freq (as timers get) or any other indication, to expect this to happen


How can i solve this problem?