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ADuC7061MKZ minikit

Question asked by jhnsmth on Jan 19, 2011
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I have a few questions concerning ADuC7061mkz mini-kit.

First, is it possible to write source in IAR and use hex file (extended Intel) with ARMWSD tool for  programming ADuC.

I have tried it myself, but it seems it doesn't work properly. For example, I can download hex file to ADuC(and sometimes I can't, it says communication faliure or something....) but it seems it doesn't perform any operation.

Of course, I have used code examples for IAR and for Keil to compare, and it seems like it doesnt work properly with hex file generated from IAR. With hex files generated from Keil it works fine. Am I right about this? Is there some explanation?


I have one more question concerning UART code example for Keil. There are two source code files, UART_IRQ and UART flagged. The first uses IRQ to signal when character is sent and the second polls one of UARTs registers to find out when Tx buffer is empty. I have tested both and found out that only project with second file  (UART flagged) works. With first file included it seems like ADuC never gets interrupted, and it should be after it sends first character over UART. After that it seems like program is stuck in while loop waiting for interrupt to happen.... Is there some explanation?


Thanks in advance !!