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files disappear and reappear with fss fat32 on SDHC

Question asked by jeanmichel on Jan 19, 2011
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I'm using Visual DSP++ Update 8 with an ADSP-BF518F EZ-BOARD.

I want to access an SD HC card (4GB) (FAT32) to read and write files.

I am using directly functions from adi_fss (like adi_fss_FileOpen).


In the main code I write a file then I read it.

I never have any problem to write the file. But to read it, I need first to write into it. And if I restart the board with a new program without the file writing part , it does not find the file.


Even better, I put some files on the card with my computer. Then I start the program on the board (and then I write the file bb on the card). If I put the board again in the computer (windows xp) it just find the file bb (the other files disappeared). Then I copy one file with the computer on the card and I eject the card from the computer. I plug again the card in the computer and then all files reappeared .... I tried to reformat it does not help.


Any clue ?


Thanks a lot.


Jena Michel LECONTE



Main Code
int main( void )
int n;
// init services
u32 Result=InitServices();
ADI_FSS_WCHAR name[50];
char ledvalue=0;
if ( !Result ) {
        /* Initialize the file system */
        Result = InitFileSystem();
        do {  
            u32 Result = ADI_FSS_RESULT_SUCCESS;
            ADI_FSS_FILE_HANDLE fh;
          /* write file bb */
          /* close it */
           /* read file bb */
   if (Result==ADI_FSS_RESULT_SUCCESS) {
int n;
printf("File opened ! \n");
while (n<200000000)
u32 sizeread,i;
//     i=fread(bufferread,sizeof(char),(1024) ,fp);
printf("end of file !");
printf("another error! ");
/* close file */
if (Result!=ADI_FSS_RESULT_SUCCESS) printf("Cannot close file !\n");
else {
printf("Unable to read file \n");
/* Begin adding your custom code here */
return 0;







ADI_FSS_CMD_VALUE_PAIR adi_fss_Config[] = {     

/* Set up File Cache Size */         { ADI_FSS_CMD_SET_NUMBER_CACHE_BLOCKS,  (void*)2 },       

/* Set up Heap Index of the FSS General Heap */        { ADI_FSS_CMD_SET_GENERAL_HEAP_ID,      (void*)GeneralHeapID },

/* Register the SDH interface driver */         { ADI_FSS_CMD_ADD_DRIVER,               (void*)&ADI_SDH_Def },       

/* Register the FAT File System driver */         { ADI_FSS_CMD_ADD_DRIVER,               (void*)&ADI_FAT_Def },       

/* Assign the DMA Manager Handle */         { ADI_FSS_CMD_SET_DMA_MGR_HANDLE,       (void*)adi_dma_ManagerHandle },       

/* Assign the Device Manager Handle */         { ADI_FSS_CMD_SET_DEV_MGR_HANDLE,       (void*)adi_dev_ManagerHandle },       

/* Assign the DCB Queue Handle */         { ADI_FSS_CMD_SET_DCB_MGR_HANDLE,       (void*)adi_dcb_QueueHandle },       

/* Command Table Terminator */         { ADI_FSS_CMD_END,

(void*)NULL }     };




init services

#define ADI_SSL_INT_NUM_SECONDARY_HANDLERS  (10) // number of secondary interrupt handlers

#define ADI_SSL_DCB_NUM_SERVERS             (1) // number of DCB servers

#define ADI_SSL_DMA_NUM_CHANNELS            (4) // number of DMA channels

#define ADI_SSL_FLAG_NUM_CALLBACKS          (0) // number of flag callbacks

#define ADI_SSL_SEM_NUM_SEMAPHORES          (40) // number of semaphores

#define ADI_SSL_DEV_NUM_DEVICES             (4) // number of device drivers