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Question asked by BenjaminHo on Jan 17, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2011 by stevereine

A capture of the screen shot is attached in the word document.

Picture_Left:    GUI interface of evaluation software (main)

Picture_Right:  GUI interface of evaluation software (synthesizer settings)


Problems encountered:


Reference signal of 26MHz from Signal generator is connected to the REF_IN sma connector and LO_output sma connector is connected to Spectrum Analyzer.

  • In Picture_Left;

[LO path and Modulator Control] tab à PLL enabled

[Output reference Mux Source] tab à Lock detect


  • In Picture_Right;

Settings as shown, the signal capture on Analyzer shows the LO output – (see jpeg)



  • How do we test if the lock detect of the PLL is already in locked position?


     Any detail manual or instruction to set up & evaluate ADRF6601 EVB?