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Blackfin BF537 HTTP Server question

Question asked by dapoolmaster on Jan 15, 2011

I'm a student in the last year, and I have to make a project for this semester with the Blackfin BF537 HTTP Server....


What kind of applications can be implemented starting from this WebServer example?

Can   I implement, for example, a talk-through application, which controls   the volume of an audio device on the PC through, let's say, 2 up/down   volume buttons designed in my html page ? Is there any way of   implementing Javascript code in the pages, or any server-side code,  like  php...

For me, these html pages generated with the webcomp   executable seem to be generated static...that's why the need the   recompile the page every time you change something in it.... Is the   webcomp able to compile anything else then html pages and images ? Can I  link the activity on this generated pages with any other projects ( my  professor is interested in the talk-through application, available for  one of my mates who should be able to connect to it via his broowser in  Android )....?


Thank you a lot in advance!