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ADSP-21364 BlockBasedTalkThru-problem with distinguish Left and Right channel

Question asked by makary87 on Jan 13, 2011
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I've just started my work with ADSP - 21364. And I have huge problem with getting form data_block samples for Left and Right channel. I am trying to do this by using Block Based TalkThru example from  VisualDSP++ 5.0 Update 8 v.


When I'm trying to mute samples from one channel, it is not working. I hear something not nice and this sound contain some 'part' of input signal.


In one of the topic( ) I found that can be connected with order of the buffer in src_pointer array but for me everything is ok. It looks like this:


unsigned int *src_pointer[3] = {Block_A,



Below is my code:


void processBlock(unsigned int *block_ptr)
    int i;
    float temp_out;
    //Clear the Block Ready Semaphore
    blockReady = 0;
    //Set the Processing Active Semaphore before starting processing
    isProcessing = 1;
    for(i=0;i<NUM_SAMPLES/2;i++)               //Numer of samples dividing by 2
    //samples from first channel
      sample = (float)(int)((*(block_ptr+i)) << 8);  
        sample = 0;               //mutting
        *(block_ptr+i) =  (unsigned)(((int)sample) >> 8);
     //samples from second channel 
          i= i+1; // incrementing
         sample = (float)(int)((*(block_ptr+i)) << 8); 
        sample = sample;
        *(block_ptr+i) =  (unsigned)(((int)sample) >> 8);
    //Clear the Processing Active Semaphore after processing is complete
    isProcessing = 0;


What's wrong with it? Any idea?


Best regards,