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ADV7441A Clock Input

Question asked by vrover on Jan 12, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2011 by mattp

I want to drive the ADV7441A with an external 28.6363 MHz using a Cypress CY22393 or CY22395 (the '395 allows 2.5V LVTTL out).


Using Cyclocks and a master high stability 14.381818 MHz crystal, I can get a calculated 0 ppm result (28.636364 MHz), so I think I am OK on accuracy.


The SF data sheet says that the XTAL input can be driven by a 3.3V clock. But, the clock input is not actually mentioned in the electrical specifications.  So, just to be sure:


a) the XTAL external clock Vih should be 2.0V min?


b) 2.5V LVTTL should be OK


c) the XTAL external clock should be DC Coupled?


d) there is no reason NOT to use an external clock?