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Unable to change AD620 output voltage when measuring bridge

Question asked by Matt.Duff Employee on Jan 12, 2011
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Originally posted by Dinosaur in EngineerZone feedback community on May 10th, 2010 (before Amplifier community was active)



Hi all


I have  a ad620 amplifier board that has the circuit as per attached with a gain of 495

At an input of 0.00 mV I need to pull the output of the ad620 down closer to -5 v

At the moment it sits around -0.3


I have tried what I normally do with other adc's, and that is put a bias resistor between

-5 and one of the +in or -in. (Shown as 510K on the circuit) To do this with the ad620, I measure the output of the

load cell with the In+ and In- disconnected and select a resistor that will get me say -3.00 vdc.

Then when I connect to the ad620, this rises to about -0.7 and no amount of resistors will bring it lower.

The output of the ad620 shows what is expected with that input.

The resistor initially was about 29k. This also introduces a large dead area on the loadcell, where I need

to apply a significant load before it will register.


I have been doing this kind of offset adjustment for more then 20 years with the Ad7701 and others, and have never

struck this kind of problem before.


Any suggestions.