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dual ADAU1701

Question asked by rastariot on Jan 10, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2011 by BrettG

Hi everyone,


as mentioned earlier my design consists of two ADAU1701 sigmaDSPs and a microntroller for booting and controling them.

Because our design goals changed, we need to configure the two DSPs in a different manner. Each DSP should process a number of four channels. Due to some routing options we would like to provide the audio which comes from ADC0 and transmit it via I2s to the other DSP and vice versa.


Is there any limitation where to grab the audiosignal from the signal processing flow or can this be done everywhere? Then, I would like to know how to configure the digital audio port in detail. There can be done some settings in the hardware section of the project, then I have to  configure the MP pins as well, I guess. Is there any demo sigmastudio project which shows an example configuration?


Any help is appreciated!