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BF548 TWI register addresses

Question asked by Klaus@Jena on Jan 7, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2011 by Prashant

Hi All,

I try to get TWI running on my BF548 EZ-Kit. I detected the following problem:

In the documantation ADSP-BF54x_HRM_rev1.0.pdf at page 23-24(1364) you can find the addresses for the TWI0 registers. Some of these addresses do not match to the addresses in the headerfile defBF54x_base.h of VisualDSP. The same is true for TWI1.

The pdf is from August 2010 and my VisualDSP ist Version5.0 Update 8.


Register name               PDF-File     Header-File

TWI0_SLAVE_STAT      0xffc00710   0xffc0070c

TWI0_SLAVE_ADDR     0xffc0070c   0xffc00710

TWI0_MASTER_STAT   0xffc0071c   0xffc00718

TWI0_MASTER_ADDR  0xffc00718   0xffc0071c


Which address is the right one?


Thanks in advance