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Removing timestamps & paths from generated files.

Question asked by mmccar on Jan 7, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2011 by amcl

Is there any way to remove the timestamps and full paths from the generated files in a project such as?

  • <project>.ldf
  • <project>_heaptab.c
  • <project>_cplbtab.c
  • <project>_basiccrt.s


The timestamps and full paths are very annoying when using a version control system as they cause diffs that don't really exist, which can then cause merging and rebasing conflicts.


The full paths are annoying, as we use branches which end up in different directories, so the path is often changing.


Removing these generated files from version control is generally not an option, as they contain both generated and custom parts.


Looking into the implementation, it looks as though it may be possible to edit the XML files that the LDFGen tool uses to remove the timestamps, but I can not see any way to fix the paths (ie user_heap_src_file, cplb_init_cplb_src_file)