Applying correction filters for speakers

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Hi All,


I know this is an OLD post but I have trawled through the entire Engineering Zone and it the only one close to what I need to do right now...


To quote an e-mail I sent yesterday...


"I am setting X-Over  using the Evaluation Board – I need to implement a Full IIR or FIR Filter to  correct for some speaker problems.


There is very little  information on the Analog Devices Site – have you any other resources you can  point me at please?


Particularly I need to  convert a correction curve into coefficients for the DSP to handle – I cannot  find a Tools to do this directly – most seem to have been programmed in MATLAB  etc which I do not have access to,…"


"I have been using the  Standard Filters and Eq’s the problem is that for some drive units I need to do  a full inverse Speaker Correction – see attachment.


It is this I am having  trouble figuring out how to do…"


I can generate the Data - but somehow I need to get the DSP coefficients calculated from the Inverse Curve and then apply these in SigmaStudio the Target being a ADU1701


Any help gratefully recieved.