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PPS output

Question asked by creative on Jan 7, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2011 by JiangW

Hi All,


I try to activate PPS output signal on a EZBoard BF518. I have modified ptpd project example.

In the function Init_BF_PTP_Timer(), PG12 is configured :

*pPORTG_MUX |= 0x8000;

*pPORTG_FER |= 0x1000;

In the function settimeofday(), PPS registers are configured :

*pEMAC_PTP_PPS_STARTLO = startclock;
*pEMAC_PTP_PPS_STARTHI = (startclock >> 32);
*pEMAC_PTP_PPS_PERIOD = pulseseconde;


When I look at EMAC_PTP_PPS_START High and Low registers, they are correctly incremented of EMAC_PTP_PPS_PERIOD.


Trouble is I can't see any activity on PG12.


Do you have an idea how to activate PG12 output ?


Thank you