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Instruction fetch CPLB protection violation

Question asked by sauwen on Jan 6, 2011
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I have a project that used to work.  I made a whole bunch of edits to it and now it looks broken.  It's so frustruating:  I put in a whole bunch of printfs to test where the source of error is.  I find a point where I write printf("%d %f %d\n", rowNo, a, b); and it works.  Then I do a printf("%d\n", b) to check and it gets stuck on the unknown exception occurred, do not know what to do error.  Anything else that I try to print after the first printf("%d %f %d\n", rowNo, a, b); will give the error.  The EXCAUSE is 2B which is the Instruction fetch CPLB protection violation...illegal instruction fetch access (memory protection violation.)  I don't know what to do after that... I checked out the sequencer to find where it last stopped, but I don't know assembly so I haven't the smallest idea what is wrong.  Please help!