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BF518 internal spi flash , why i am unable to write byte at odd offsets ?

Question asked by jeanmichel on Jan 6, 2011
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I have here a BF518F EZ-BOARD (rev 1). I would like to write some data into the internal spi flash.


For now I am using the procedures sst25wf040_Write , sst25wf040_Read (and erase block).

I write byte after byte by calling several time sst25wf040_Write. It works perfectly when I am in debug mode. But as soon as I release the firmware and I boot it from UART (this part is working well) then it just write bytes which are at even offset (like 0x200 0x202 etc...) and leaving the memory bytes at odd offset as 0xFF.


Do you have any tip or things to check that could cause this behavior ?



Best regards,

Jean Michel LECONTE