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ADAU1442/ADAU1445 ASRC performance

Question asked by twest820 on Jan 5, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2011 by twest820

Is any performance or implementation data available for the ASRCs on these SigmaDSP parts such as THD, DNR, or FIR taps/group delay?  If not, I notice the supported ratios match the AD1895/AD1896---is it reasonable to use, say, the AD1895 as a proxy?  Since the SPDIF receiver must be routed through an ASRC I'm also curious how performance of ADAU144x SPDIF receive compares with parts such as the WM8804 or CS8416.


Obviously, I can build a few proto boards and measure these configurations.  But I wanted to check to make sure I'd not be reinventing the wheel first.