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Blackfin Compiled Simulator Error

Question asked by Greenmaze on Jan 4, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2011 by CraigG

This simulator throws an error after issuing the following instruction.


W[P0] =  R0;


The value of P0 is 0xFFC00A14 (EBIU_SDBCTL) and the value of R0 is 0x00000013.


The error that's occuring is:


                Target #259: Error #9  VisualDSP++ Internal Error (.EXE return code -1073740972)

                detected during a RUN or STEP. The program has been unloaded from memory.

                Please report this error to Analog Devices Inc. enclosing the .DXE file.


The odd thing is that the error doesn't occur when running the same .dxe on a different machine with the same version of VisualDSP++ 4.5 (Update 9) installed.


Also, an error doesn't occur when using the ADSP-BF5xx Single Processor Simulator.


Any ideas?