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ADuC845/47/48 - unwanted glitches on P2 pins on startup?

Question asked by MikeL Employee on Jan 4, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2011 by MikeL

We use P2.1/P2.2 as GPIO, no physical external memory is connected to the chip. When power on, before executing the first line of code in main(), we observed a glitch occurred in these two pins. This is not allowed in our system because it will damage the parts connected to it. The glitches  happened when we declare __xdata variables, i.e., using XRAM. If we don't declare __xdata variables, glitches will not happen.  I found that there is a Xdata initialization_to_zero routine in the cstartup code, so maybe this results in the glitch on P2.0/2.1.

How can we remove this xdata initialization section?