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wake up with RTC event bf518 evaluation board.

Question asked by chagai on Jan 4, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2011 by JiangW



In my application I use a RTC event and then start a process of recording and analyzing some audio data.


My audio data is acquired basically with the Audio Talk Through (Audio TT) program and works fine when it is used straight forward as a function (or in the main).


However, when I wake up with the RTC event, although i am able to enter the AudioTT function and it seems to run ok - it doesn't record the data. - it does everything else ok except gatjering the data.


BTW I'm using the function adi_rtc.c and the function: 


static void RTCCallback ( void *ClientHandle, u32 Event)                        
  switch ( (u32)Event )
         /*    Every day operation */         
              RUN();         ---> this is where I go to AudioTT.

Any Ideas?