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ADV7180 Sync Problems

Question asked by MikeYeh on Jan 3, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2011 by MikeYeh

Hi, the company for which I work is using the ADV7180 to perform decoding on our development board. The board consists of an analog composite input and an analog composite output as well as a DVI (digital) output. I have configured the ADV7180 as specified in the datasheet for a composite input on Ain1 and configured the encoder (which has been successfully tested with an internally generated color bar test pattern) for DVI output. The image that appears on the screen seems to be out of sync (though it is possible to recognize the source video coming through), and mostly yellow. It pauses for about 15 seconds, then shows movement for a few seconds, and pauses, doing this over and over again. A nintendo game system as well as a sony handycam have been used as the video source, both yielding the same distorted output.


The decoder is run on an I2C bus with a Cyclone III FPGA and the system is built on Altera's SOPC Builder.


I have attached a picture of the image as well as the C code used to configure and call the decoder configuration. If anyone has any input on this problem, it would be greatly appreciated! I have reviewed the datasheet a number of times, as well as additional notes. I've also read every thread concerning ADV7180 issues on this forum and am unable to make further progress. Thanks!