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ADC7793 temperature mesurment.

Question asked by Anton1000 on Dec 30, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2011 by JLKeip

I want mesure temperature with datashit scheme. Temperuture range is 0...150 (0C). Sensor is Pt100. I out is 1 mA. If I mesure 0 (0C) Uout is 100 mV, if I mesure 150 (0C) Uout is about 150 mV. Mesuring range is 50 mV. How I can offset 100 mV in ADC? I want gain 50 mV. I don't want gain 150 mV to get max resolution of ADC. Can I  apply system offset calibration to get rid of displacement 100 mV?