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Weird slave spi boot problem

Question asked by cristiano on Dec 29, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2010 by cristiano

Hi all,

I'm using a host processor to boot a 21469 through spi. I use the standard boot loader with minor changes.

Everything seems to have been loaded correctly but dsp doesn't start.

If connect ICE (in non disturbing mode) I see the dsp is in running mode; I stop dsp and I find PC is 0x8C003 with the final init instruction correctly loaded at 0x8C004. Then I press Run and the instruction is chenged in PM(0,I8)=PX, so boot process completes and my application starts.

I think the boot loading process hangs because of the idle instruction after jump reset(DB) in the final_init section, as if the required spi interrupt is not received.  When I connect ICE and stop, probably an interrupt is generated and the process can go on.

I checked that the rti instruction is correctly placed at 0x8C030.

I formerly used the same boot method on ADSP21161 and never had such a problem. I browsed 21469 hw anomalies could not find anything related to this.


Bonus question:

Is there a way to debug the spi booting process with ICE connected?

I now must disconnect every time I launch the boot process from my host (spi master) and connect again after it has ended.


I hope someone can give me some advice on this point, because I'm stuck here for more than a day.

Thank you in advance