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questions related to ADSP-21364

Question asked by DeepV on Dec 29, 2010
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Posting questions that came through private forum support. Posting the questions and the answers in this post.


1)I did the parallel port programming for ADSP 21364 ,but i did not initialize PLL in that still i could find my code working as i had set the PPBUR3 =55.5Mbytes/sec ,how did this PCLK is not 166 as PLL is not initialized.


2)Does visual DSP support unsigned short int,& unsigned char & other similar datatypes.


3)I wrote a simple program on visual DSP,it was a simple calculation program no peripherals included when i compiled during linking i gotcould not locate DM range 0x1200000 -0x1203ffE (seg_sram) on target ,what can be the reason?


4)For parallel port  16-bit mode, the address rangeis 0x0 to 0xFFFF which is a 128K bytes (32K 32-bit words)how it comes to 128 K it should be 65536 bytes.