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EZ-Kit 21262 Block based talk thru

Question asked by Hfuhrhurr on Dec 28, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2011 by isaque

Hi all,


I saw a lot of questions regarding this example. I am having a problem with this, too.

The project runs fine on my 21262 EZ-Kit Lite.

It outputs the input signal correctly.


However, when I make one small change in the block processing, it doesn't look (sound) well anymore:


For testing, I just set all samples in the block to zero like this


void processBlock(unsigned int *block_ptr)
    int i;
    float temp_out;


    //Clear the Block Ready Semaphore
    blockReady = 0;
    //Set the Processing Active Semaphore before starting processing
    isProcessing = 1;


       //*(block_ptr+i) =  *(block_ptr+i);
       *(block_ptr+i) =  0;


    //Clear the Processing Active Semaphore after processing is complete
    isProcessing = 0;


I test this by feeding the ADC with a low-frequency sawtooth signal.

Looking at the sound output, I see, that 2 blocks (of NUM_SAMPLES/2) in a row are set to zero, the third one contains the signal that is input into the codec.

Additionally, between the 2 blocks containing zeros, I get a spike and left and right channel have a shift of one sample relative to eachother.


When I halt the debugger, I guess the interrupts continue, only the block processing stops. Then, the signal looks fine, again.


What's wrong with it? Any idea?


Best regards,