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how to make a AD9833 be synchronous with another signal source

Question asked by Bruce.Fan on Dec 29, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2011 by Bruce.Fan

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In my system, I need use AD9833 to be synchronous with another signal source, or with a constant phase(same frequency).

In the specification, AD9833 use the soft code to reset the DAC out. But how to control the command tranfer time accurately?

Can I control the DAC output in the following way?


step1: stop the MCLK;

step2:set the RESET bit=1 via SPI;

step3: Configure all other registers with SPI interface.

step4: set the RESET bit =0 via SPI;

step5: enable the MCLK to operate the AD9833;



question1: is it the right way to start the AD9833 accurately?

question2: after step5, is there still 8/9 MCLK cycles delay to see the DAC's change?


thanks a lot

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