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ADV212 custom specific mode

Question asked by berty on Dec 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2011 by DaveD

Hello!  I use ADV212 custom mode to compress image. However, I have some questions about this mode.

1) According to the userguide, the maximum size of active image is 1.04M samples, that is to say it can not to be bigger than 1024*1024. Besides that, for one component image, the maximum width or height of image is no more than 4096. In my opinion, the maximum value of XOT or YOT  can  be  4096 or bigger, the maximum value of active image width or active height is 4096, is that true?

2) In a adv202 custom paper, it said that "This means that the ADV202 syncs only on one edge vertically: the first inactive Vsync edge.
From then on it uses internal counters and the values in the dimension register settings."  Is this ture to ADV212?

3) I want to control the compress rate, and configured as the userguide said. However, I find that when the compression rate at 2 there is something wrong, but the compression rate at 4 ,8 and 16 are correct. For example, for one 512*512 12 bit image ,  when compression rate at 2, the compressed size is 512*512*12/8/2=196608 bytes, however, the adv212 output code size is about 7K, which is not compatible to " The number of bytes per compressed field or image is provided in the RCVAL parameter. If target size is chosen as a parameter, the data output rate must be within +5% to -100% of the programmed value."