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VDK Memory Pool Handling

Question asked by AmrutaG on Dec 27, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2011 by CraigG


I am trying to debug BF 534 based application.

I am facing problem while using memory pool. I have defined user memory pool in system heap using VDK API CreatePoolEx() (10 blocks of 64 bytes). I am using this memory pool to send data from one thread to another along with VDK message services.


By using mallocblock() I got void pointer pointing free block in memory pool .I then, type-casted pointer to required structure pointer (I have use preprocessor pack 1 while defining this structure.) , fill data and send it to another thread.


At the receiving end, when I try to assign value from received block to some module static variable (with pack 4)I got ‘tmk_Exceptionhandler’ exception.


The pool is defined in system heap which is part of SDRAM0 Bank 3 and the static variables which m trying to assign value are either in L1 data A or SDRAM0 Bank 1.


Is this problem is arising because of different ‘align’ ment/pack value? If yes what will be solution on it.


Moreover, if memory management in memory pool is done by VDK, then does VDK supports memory handling in different memory segments?


Please elaborate on this.



Amruta G