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Unable to obtain license under Windows 7

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on Dec 23, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2010 by DavidS

If I run on a XP machine -- visual DSP shows me a Blackfin permaneant license

I  also have exported a make file -- and using an autoexec.bat file -- I can compile a Blackfin program

I can find a license.dat file in Visual DSP 5.0 / SYstem


I now switch to an Windows 7 (32 bit) machine


Visaul DSP  shows me a Blackfin permaneant license on this second machine

I have an exported makefile -- and using an autoexec.bat file run in adminsitrative mode,

I attempt to compile a Blackfin program


The command window shows me that ccblfn.exe starting up and then complaining about 'can't obtain license'

I then go looking for the license.dat file on the windows 7 machine.

I can find some license.txt files but no license.dat file


Question 1 -- since there are valid licenses on the Windows 7 machine -- as I can get VDSP to show me them,

where is the Windows 7 version of license.dat stored


Question 2 -- Is the solution to generate a new makefile from VDSP running in windows 7 -- and call that via the command window?



Mike Smith


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Just checked -- on the windows 7 machine -- I can compile and locad a 'helloe world' program into the Blackfin simulator. SO the licenses are there


I tried to get an email_support file with all the information in it (hoping to find where the license.dat file or equivalent was"

Error message says 'failed to create error message


dsp_support_txt file apapeaars in notepad, but no compiler etc information is present


THis is Vidaul DSP 5 update 7


ProductInfo.html claims that I am running Vista and not Windows 7



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I exported a new makefile from within the Windows 7 environment -- same error -- can't find license file

although I could build the same library project (40 files) from within VDSP running on Windows 7