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Problems with measuring video on ADV7604

Question asked by cdb on Dec 22, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2013 by Nikkee

I'm attempting to measure the incoming analog video on an ADV7604.  I've done this with the ADV7441 so I expected the operation to be similar.  I've setup the SSPD and STDI detections to be one shot.  When I trigger the detections I never see bit 7 of CP 0xb5 and bit 7 of CP 0xb1 set high.  The registers indicate that there is HS and VS activity, but they never lock.  I've read through the various documents, but I seem to be following the correct procedures.  Any help would be appreciated.


Also, I'm a little puzzled about selecting the inputs.  I'm having to set IO 0x07 to 0x68 when I want to select sync signals connected to HS_IN1 and VS_IN1 and I have to set IO 0x07 to 0x54 when I want to select sync signals connected to HS_IN2 and VS_IN2.  This seems backwards to what the documentation says.  Does anyone know why this would be?  I've checked my connections on the board carefully.