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emulator & the EBIU

Question asked by ksweet on Dec 22, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2010 by CraigG

I have built several versions of init code that perform operations on async memory (writing/reading flash on bank 0, writing/reading an FPGA on bank 3).  When I run the init code from the debugger, all async memory access seems to work.  But when I run the init code during the normal boot, all async memory access fails and execution halts (probably due to a hardware fault or exception)


I can add/remove a single write operation to the init code to write to async memory.  When I remove the line of code which performs the async write, the init code runs.  When I add the line of code which performs the async memory write, the init code crashes.


I have disabled the Custom Board Support File and disabled "Use XML reset values" for the emulator/debugger.  What could the emulator be doing that causes it to work?  What will affect async memory other than the 3 AMC registers EBIU_AMBCTL0/EBIU_AMBCTL1/EBIU_AMGCTL ?