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Blackfin BF561 interface with AD6654

Question asked by sun on Dec 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2011 by gvasanth

I am using Blackfin BF561 EZ kit to interface AD6654. I made a custom board for ad6654. I am trying to program ad66654 through microport.  to test the setup i have written small program that is testing wrting and reading some address locations of AD6654. but i am not able to read and write these location.


My interface is as follows -



Blackfin                AD6654


Adress( 9 -2)        Adress( 7 -  0 )

Aata ( 15 -0)         Data( 15 -  0 )

SCLK1                 CPUCLK

SMODE              logic 0

Mode                  logic 0

WR\                   AWE\                

RD\                    AOE\

CS\                   AMS1\


I am using bank1 asynchronous memory interface. SCLK1 is about 60MHz. My code is attached for review. Please suggest.


Thanks in Advance